What are the ERP implementation reasons of the Demtech corporation ?

Demtech Corporation is a heavy plastic sheets molding company which is established in 1999 and it is headquartered in Diamond Springs (California) and Ohio. It has employed approximately 45 employees. It has also mobile units in Mexico, South California, Asia, China and Australia which provides customer support to their clients worldwide.

Why was the ERP needed in the Demtech Corporation ?

As per for 14 initial years Demtech was using the quickbook software with many limitations and no monitoring facility in real time data entrance possibilities of financial transactions. As for a growing company when Demtech was growing the number of the employees and warehouses they actually limiting their growth by using quickbooks.

How was ERP being implemented in to the Demtech Corporation ?

Demtech decided to use the acumatica software for their need fulfillment because they wanted to use some private based individual cloud ERP software. In addition to this, the software could be used on the smartphone and tablets. It was beneficial for the company mobile units who travelled across the country.

In addition to this the acumatica software had given the security rights to the company individuals that how much data can be accessed by an individual in a perfect user friendly way. The acumatica software had also provided the following benefits to the Demtech Corporation -

  • remote access facilities

  • improved customer service

  • better accounting management

  • better inventory management

  • better warehouse management and barcode scanning

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