LITEROM as college ERP software

college ERP software are the best solutions required to run a school or any institution efficiently and effectively because they are efficient enough to manage all the database and information regarding all important entities like – teachers, students, parents, admin and management team of the institution.

Dreamteam technologies private limited is a custom web development and campus management software designing, website promotion, web application development company which provides its services to educational Industry as well as Business and Corporate Houses Globally since its establishment from the year 2005.

It has its own ERP management software LITEROM, the most innovative and supreme school management software which helps to administrators and other authoritative staff in complete automated control of campus activities ( whether it may be internal or external ). It also increases the coordination and communication between all the entities which are correlated to each other in a surrounding environment.

Thus LITEROM ERP management system, which is initialized for schools and colleges, universities, institutes, which is a one stop solution to the end customer because it helps in bringing away a new working environment in an automatic way that is very helpful for a workplace.

The biggest quality of the software is that it is full of inbuilt security features also. It has also been integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics and bar codes, RFID’s & Smartcards as per requirement of the end user. With increasing ROI, accuracy and speed this software also provides the automatic and effective control on system. There is a very little possibility of error or bug in this automated system unless and until there is the error of manual entry or transaction.

With different range of modules, features and user friendly interface, efficient School ERP software is good enough to take care of all the procedures in managing day to day routine activities within a chunk of clicks. Although there are many ERP software for institutes in this world but the LITEROM is the most efficient ERP software in this category.

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